3 Elements Every Education App Should Have

Mobile apps are taking education and information resources to a new level. While a great many people simply use them for fun and games, many use them for more serious pursuits. You can literally learn a new language, brush up on math skills, or even learn about history, all in the palm of your hand. Here are a few things that are important to consider when creating this type of app.

1) Educate

This sounds simple enough, but there are several Educational Apps for Children out there that are simply missing the mark (pun intended). An educational app should include the tools and information to teach whatever subject matter the app is focused on. For example, if the app is meant to teach you how to play the guitar, it should include real lessons and skills the user can learn. Simply providing a way for your phone to sound like a guitar when you tap the screen isn’t enough, especially if it claims to teach and educate.

2) Accurate Information and Tools

Accuracy is important in teaching new skills. For example, if you are learning a new language, but are taught incorrect nouns, you could end up buying a cow instead of a latte. Make sure the information your app provides is based on facts and valid sources.

3) Current and Updated

Although there are many topics whose information will generally remain the same through time, there are just as many that need, and require, updates with frequent regularity. Example: In the medical industry there are always new terms, medications and disorders, as well as new ideas on how to treat ailments. Outdated information in an app that provides health, exercise, or other important medical information can do more than just cause the user pain; it can do serious damage.


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