Archery Crossbows – A Guide to the Fine Art of Shooting a Crossbow

The bow and arrow system of a crossbow is different from the ordinary bow and arrow. A mechanical device is added to a frame across which sits the bow. The device allows you to pull the string by a trigger, making it easier for a hunter or shooter with not so ‘strong’ arm, shoot a crossbow.

This arrow is shot through a device more like a rifle. It allows the shooter to hold the bow longer in loaded position and thus aim more accurately. The arrow shot fetter buckshot through it can travel long distances; some have a range of nearly 380 yards.

Archery Crossbows have gained popularity over the years. Many states in the USA have encouraged crossbow hunting by altering their game laws. However, many hunters are unaware of how to use t efficiently.

Cocking the Crossbow – To achieve an accurate shot, it is essential to fix the latching point of the its string right at the center. Any variation in the latching point will result in variation of the accuracy of the shot. Cocking the crossbow by hand can result in variation of the latching point due to uneven pull of the hand.

Cocking devices are available, but care should be taken to center the string prior to pulling it. If you want to achieve repeated accuracy, then off-center latching should be avoided. This can become a problem unless you are able to keep the string centered with your hands, or the cocking device throughout the time of draw. To determine the center, a permanent marker can also be used when the bow is at rest.

Using a Rest – Using a rest or stand at the same time of shooting Archery Crossbows can result in best accuracy. For this, rests such as tripods, or shooting sticks used by the rifle hunter can be used. Since the crossbow is likely to have more movement than the rifle while shooting, it is more important to use a rest for your crossbow.

Keeping it Close – Shots fired by modern Archery Crossbows have the range and energy to kill game at more than 70 yards, yet the arrow after leaving the cross, does not follow a flat trajectory and can dip 12inches at 30 yards and 48inches at 60 yards distance. Hence, killing a game at long distance is not that simple, which means, shorter the distance to kill, more accurate is the arrow.

Maintaining your Archery Crossbow properly can prevent inaccuracy so that you can have more degree of accuracy in your shot. You should keep the strings and cables of it properly lubricated and waxed, especially for steel cables, to lengthen the life of your bow. Clean and lubricate the trigger mechanism to avoid malfunction due to accumulation of dirt and grime. Also, check it visually for any cracks or splinter in the limbs, axles and cams of the bow. Avoid using and send for repair if this should happen.


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