Elevate Your Violin Skills: Free Violin Lessons for Intermediate Players


Congratulations on reaching the intermediate level of violin playing! This stage is where you can truly elevate your skills and delve deeper into the world of music. In this guide, we’ll provide you with valuable free lessons and tips to help you continue your journey toward becoming a proficient violin lessons.

Review and Refine Your Foundation

Bowing and Finger Techniques

Revisit and refine your bowing and finger techniques. Pay attention to bow control, articulation, and finger strength and agility.

Scales and Intonation

Practice scales in different keys to improve intonation and pitch accuracy. Work on shifting between positions smoothly.

Expanding Your Repertoire

Classical Repertoire

Explore more challenging classical pieces by famous composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi. These compositions will test your skills and musicality.

Contemporary and Modern Music

Diversify your repertoire by incorporating contemporary pieces and modern compositions. This can include pop, jazz, and world music.

Music Theory

Advanced Music Notation

Delve deeper into music theory, including complex time signatures, key changes, and advanced notation symbols.

Harmony and Counterpoint

Study harmony and counterpoint to enhance your understanding of the musical structure and how different parts interact.

Techniques and Expressiveness

Vibrato and Trills

Learn and perfect vibrato and trill techniques to add expressive nuances to your playing.

Dynamics and Phrasing

Work on dynamics and phrasing to infuse emotion and interpretation into your performances.

Performance Practice

Solo and Ensemble Performance

Take opportunities to perform as a soloist and collaborate with other musicians in ensembles, duets, and chamber groups.

Stage Presence and Confidence

Work on your stage presence and build confidence in your performances. Consider recording yourself to evaluate your progress.

Continuing Education

Online Resources

Take advantage of free online resources such as video tutorials, sheet music repositories, and forums for advice and support.

Workshops and Masterclasses

Attend workshops and masterclasses conducted by accomplished violinists to gain valuable insights and feedback.


As an intermediate violinist, you are well on your way to becoming a skilled musician. By focusing on refining your technique, expanding your repertoire, and continuously learning, you can elevate your violin skills to new heights. Remember that dedication, practice, and a love for music will be your greatest allies on this exciting journey. Enjoy every moment of your musical exploration and growth!


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