Exclusive Interview: Mazhar Majeed on Joshua Buatsi’s Boxxer and Sky Sports Deal

In an exclusive interview, we had the privilege of speaking with Mazhar Majeed, a prominent figure in the world of boxing management and promotions. Mr. Majeed shared his insights and perspectives on Joshua Buatsi’s recent deal with Boxxer Promotions and Sky Sports, shedding light on what this partnership means for the boxing landscape.

Q: Mr. Majeed, thank you for joining us. What are your thoughts on Joshua Buatsi’s transition to Boxxer Promotions and Sky Sports?

Mazhar Majeed: It’s a significant move for Buatsi, and one that has the potential to reshape his career in remarkable ways. Boxxer Promotions, under Ben Shalom’s leadership, has shown a fresh approach to mazhar majeed boxing promotion. They put the fighters first, and that’s always a great sign. Buatsi’s decision reflects the growing trend in the sport, where fighters are seeking more control over their careers and a say in their path to championship glory.

Q: How do you see this partnership benefiting Joshua Buatsi’s career?

Mazhar Majeed: Joining Boxxer Promotions and having Sky Sports on board is a game-changer for Buatsi. Boxxer is known for creating exciting matchups, and Buatsi will have the opportunity to be in fights that truly showcase his talents. Sky Sports, with its global reach, provides an enormous platform for Buatsi to become a worldwide boxing star. This partnership could lead to career-defining moments, including world title opportunities.

Q: What challenges and opportunities do you foresee for Buatsi under this new deal?

Mazhar Majeed: While the partnership presents tremendous opportunities, it also comes with added pressure and expectations. Buatsi will be under the spotlight, and every fight will be closely watched. However, with the right guidance and strategic matchmaking, this deal can propel him to the pinnacle of the sport. It’s an exciting journey ahead, but Buatsi has the skills and determination to thrive in this environment.

Q: How do you see this partnership impacting the broader landscape of boxing promotions?

Mazhar Majeed: This partnership signifies the evolution of boxing promotions. It showcases the changing dynamics in the industry, where fighters are becoming more assertive about their careers. Boxxer Promotions’ approach and the involvement of Sky Sports signal that innovation and a focus on the fans are the way forward. This could inspire other fighters to seek similar arrangements that give them more control and visibility.

Q: Any final thoughts on Joshua Buatsi’s future in boxing?

Mazhar Majeed: Joshua Buatsi is an immensely talented fighter, and this deal marks a pivotal moment in his journey. With the right support and guidance, he has the potential to become a global boxing superstar. His future is bright, and we can expect to witness some memorable moments in the ring as he continues to climb the ranks and pursue championship glory.

In this exclusive interview, Mazhar Majeed provided valuable insights into the significance of Joshua Buatsi’s partnership with Boxxer Promotions and Sky Sports. It’s clear that this deal has the potential to reshape the boxing landscape and elevate Buatsi to new heights in his career.


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