The Best Proven Strategies to Add Value to Your Ebook

So you’ve just finished the rough outline for your eBook. You’ve thought of a very innovative and worthwhile product to offer consumers in your niche. However, in the back of your mind you are trying to answer this question:

How can I make my eBook more valuable to the customer?

What can I do, that will set me apart from how everyone else is marketing their eBooks on the web?

The first steps you need into take into consideration for adding value to your eBook are:

The Topic

Make sure that you are somewhat knowledgeable or have an affinity for the topic of your tom swift ebooks. This is a key element in making your product valuable and informative for the consumer. You also want to take into account what your target market wants and needs to know while you build your topic. By doing this you can be sure that you are identifying the needs of your target niche.

The Length

There is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to determining the length of your eBook. Some eBooks can be valuable and useful by having less than 20 pages. Don’t over analyze any kind of preset word limit. Now on the other hand, make sure you are consistently providing useful and valuable information to your consumer. Do not use fluff or filler just to make your content achieve a certain length. Present your information in a clear, organized and concise manner.

Many people falsely assume that the sheer number of pages in an eBook is what creates its value. This is incorrect; it is the quality of the information that is provided to the customer that makes an eBook successful and profitable.

The Title

The competitiveness of the eBook market is high, so you need to stand out from the rest of the pack. By using a title like “5 tips to get a free cell phone from the government” may make a good 500 word article it is not going to have the “rock and roll” needed to gain a lot of interest and create a “wow” factor.

The Content

If you have been writing for a while, then I’m sure you already know that you must have unique and engaging content or no one will want to read what you have to offer. This is where your insight and passion for your targeted niche comes into play. You must provide insights to your readers that are not offered by other eBooks.

This means if you’re writing an instructional or a “how to”, research the competition and don’t just regurgitate the same information over and over. You may learn that your content is outdated, irrelevant or even just plain inaccurate. Write for the common man (or woman) in easy to understand terms and give examples. A huge factor in gaining value for your eBook is by being unique and creative.

The Editing

If your eBook contains the most earth shattering, useful and valuable information never before published, but it has obvious grammatical errors, it will be doomed to fail. Either proofread it very carefully or hire out a professional editor to make sure your eBook is up to snuff. Otherwise, you will cause the reader to believe that the author was just unprofessional or sloppy and the content is faulty.

The Cover Design

After you finish creating your content, developing an appealing cover design is a tool to add value to your eBook. The old clichรฉ about judging a book by its cover is unfortunately very valid when it comes to creating your eBook. If you don’t get the cover to be eye-catching and unique, you may miss out on a large part of the market.

Unless you are a pro designer, you should find someone that has produced bright, interesting eBook covers before. There are plenty of reduced rate cover designers you can use that are available on the web. Elance and Killercovers are a couple that will make custom eBook covers with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

The Target Market

It is much more valuable to find and identify a core market and concentrate tour eBook to fulfilling their needs. It is all about getting your eBook out to the right market. For example, if your writing about “the best balance transfer credit card offers for 2012” you don’t really want to reach out an environmental concerns market, while you may get a few sales your long term value will suffer.

The Selling Price

If this is your first whirl in the world of eBook sales you will really want to price your product competitively. After you’ve tasted a little success and you have a following, you can up your price. People are always looking for deals and eBooks are no exception.

There are some people that will sell a 100 page eBook for less than a dollar. This strategy works to drastically increase your eBook sales and reviews on sites like Amazon, which will allow you to climb the bestselling book ladder and increasing the value of your product by word of mouth marketing.

I need to add more information on this point. While there are several schools of thought about charging less to get your e-book out there and charging more so people believe they are getting high powered information that costs more. Not every method is suitable for every product. You should be doing your niche research to see where the gaps are in your targeted e-book audience and charging accordingly.


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